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Concerned about test results?

Lab testing is great, but are you struggling to manage your health quickly and efficiently because of missing information? Feeling stressed and helpless because your results aren't clear?

Your health, your rules. Get the quickest, safest interpretation of your results with LabTest Checker.

Instant online access to health information based on results.

Save time and money, speed up diagnosis, and catch diseases early.

Effectiveness verified through clinical studies and medical device certification.


 Crafted by doctors using the most up-to-date medical expertise.


Experience LabTest Checker, designed by doctors for you! It provides a customized and comprehensive analysis based on your test results and medical questionnaire.

With LabTest Checker you'll receive: 

  • identification of any diseases or irregularities in your results,

  • personalized guidance to enhance your well-being,

  • suggestions for additional tests and preventive care.


LabTest Checker is backed by successful clinical studies conducted by Silesian Medical University in Katowice.

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LabTest Checker is appreciated by 20000 satisfied patients

I used LabTest Checker because I was curious about a new service in my laboratory. I received a recommendation for additional tests that I had done before my medical appointment. I was surprised when the results of the recommended tests turned out to be necessary for my doctor to make a diagnosis. Thanks to the interpretation, I received a diagnosis and medication at my first visit.

Ursula, patient of the Diagnostyka

See sample Reports Receive LabTest Checker Report in 3 easy steps:


Visit your lab's website and sign in to the results section


Click on the "Interpret results" option next to the test you'd like to understand better.


Stay on the same page, fill out a simple medical questionnaire, and get instant e-interpretation.

The service is available to patients in leading medical laboratories and on

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